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Pets vs. Fireworks

The 4th of July is one of the most celebrated days out of the year for many Americans as it's the day we celebrate our Independence and remember the efforts made to achieve it. 


While this is a time of fun and memories for us, our pets would likely have a very different story to tell.  They simply do not understand that they are safe and as a result, the fireworks that they hear can give them extreme anxiety and fear.  This fear and anxiety is the main reason why Independence Day is the #1 day pets run away in the USA.  

We have a large variety of products to help combat these issues this holiday season, from traditional calming products to CBD oils and treats. 

We carry only reputable CBD pet products as they go through thorough testing and are only derived from hemp.  This is important because hemp contains next to none the psychoactive effects that marijuana will typically induce which is a result of THC.  Instead it will simply provide relief and a calming effect for your pet.  

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