Astro is a innovative new way of keeping track of all those frequent buyer cards you have.  All of the cards are digital on this program and therefore requires no extra work on your end to manage your current frequent buyer cards. 

Astro is also taking the place of the SpotOn program that has been used for a long time here.  This means that you no longer have to bring your SpotOn card in when you shop as your rewards points will also be added to your account by the employee helping you.


Both of these new features don't require any work on your part other than providing information for the initial registration.  If you would like to keep track of how close you are to getting a free bag of food or check up on how many rewards points you have in the store, you can download the Astro App onto your mobile device to do this.  The app will inform you off everything previously mentioned as well as show you deals that are currently being run by the different brands that we carry.

To download the app please click on the image of whichever brand phone you have.


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